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Armed Forces War heroes side team leader,

“Generals for decades accustomed arm, correct walking posture is not easy.Tera Gold They are not only generally older, there are more than pain.” Pingkai Chun told reporters.

“Liu Laozhuang even” heroes forces side team leader, deputy commander of the 54th Army, Major General Xiajun You a knee injury, “crucial Heroes” heroes forces side team leader, deputy commander of the 21st Army Major General Zhou Jianguo hypertension, Armed Forces War heroes side team leader, deputy political commissar of Beijing Armed Police Corps Major General Gou Chunyan cardiopulmonary hypertrophy, is in the work of Tibet 30 years after the body transferred to the mainland of adjustment.

Deng Zhiping’s sore foot also attack. Ludian earthquake a year ago, his area of ‚Äč‚Äčresponsibility as commander led his troops in Ludian night rushed to the epicenter, in the flying rocks and heavy rain forced march over 20 kilometers on foot, foot pain was terrible. Filming a look, hidden heel spurs like a beak.

If you think the doctor’s earlier proposal – “to reduce the amount of exercise,” Deng Zhiping probably would not be a parade training ground. He found a set of the resurrection of the way: Every time before the start of training, take sharp objects fiercely stinging the heel until the numbness. As a result, at least very two hours.

40 days intensive training ended, Deng Zhiping 7 kg weight loss, waist circumference reduced by 12 cm. Summarizes the joint command of the parade, wrote: “He choked back pain right heel spur investment in long intense training leader, often leg pain is still not under the line of fire on the stairs, pay ordinary people to do the hard work, parade action great progress. ”

To the 14th Army established “Hundred Regiments fighting knives Heroes” heroes forces side team in front of a station, usually in charge of Army operations, training and equipping of already a standard action leader, and returning to the training in the queue He confirms his military skills to understand –

“Any one of military skill, and only through training to thousands of times to consummate, sharpshooter, Shen Baoshou few. Yang Liwei in space flight in calm, proficiency spacecraft, also the result of training thousands of times, and we can put in the parade ground an action repeated reaches the extreme, it can achieve the highest standards in other military training. ”

For the generals leader who, parade training also with the rank and file of training for months with a rare opportunity with room and board. “I know more about the lives of soldiers and the idea.” swtor credits will chat with the gap in the training of young soldiers, to demonstrate how ChuiShiBan Stir authentic Sichuan twice-cooked pork.

Officers and men is a fine tradition of the people’s army. Anti-Japanese War, Yang Jingyu, Zhao Shangzhi, Zuo Quan, Peng Xuefeng’s fighting a large number of generals to take the lead, but he died.

“General, in essence, is a soldier.” Navy North Sea Fleet deputy commander Major General Liu Geng group that, from the Russian translation from the “commander” in Chinese is called “commander”, embodies precisely this idea:Tibia Gold senior commander and combatants, cooks, are a common army.

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