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All bank cards are buy mut coins with the second

All bank cards are with the second generation ID card, buy mut coins bar, online banking U shield, mobile phone number card (already real name) reserved for account binding, buy mut coins card / savings card. According to a number of “card dealer” introduction, a set of bank card price of 500 yuan -1500 yuan, different banks bank card price difference is not big, buy mut coins sellers said the state-owned bank of nhl 18 hut coins card than joint-stock bank Each bank card costs 50 yuan -100 yuan. A network called “bank card. Savings card” “card dealer” told buy mut coins reporter, his card is a complete set of cards, including Shanghai Pudong Development Bank 700 yuan, 700 yuan buy mut 18 coins Bank, CITIC Bank 700 yuan, Minsheng buy mut coins 700 Yuan, China Merchants Bank 700 yuan, 800 yuan ICBC Bank,

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