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According to JOYOU fifa 18 coins

“According to JOYOU information revealed last week in Shaanxi fifa 18 coins prices ushered in a broad, and prices range from Yuyang to Shenmu and Binxian County areas spread. Because of the fifa 18 coins coal mine production capacity and more concentrated, lead up, local mines to follow up adjustment, according to the mine car to adjust the madden coins, make the price more fifa 18 coins, while large mine in Shenmu area affected by the overall market impact of higher price in mid July, the whole body up to 10 yuan / ton -30 Yuan / ton. “After entering the fifa 18 coins July, coal consumption will be high level normalization.” Yi Coal Research Institute researcher Zhang Fei Dragon Securities Daily reporters to < >, in the end is still tight fifa 18 coins situation, the demand side of the driving force is expected to boost the market higher again. coins fifa the other hand, the power net price increases to a certain extent, also fifa 18 coins the power of coal enterprise’s acceptance. According to Jiangsu, Henan, Shaanxi released documents show that since July 1, 2017, Jiangsu coal per kWh increase 1.3 cents / kWh, fifa 18 coins raised 2.28 cents / kWh, Shaanxi raised 1.99 cents / kWh, by taking Shaanxi as an example 1.99 cents / kWh corresponding price of about 45 yuan / ton -50 yuan / ton.


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