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About 80s Fashion

About 80s Fashion

The 80’s style is easy to identify, from head to toe. The hair was big. Permed, teased, fluffed, and hair sprayed, tresses in this decade suffered a lot of abuse. Spiky bangs and side ponytails were popular and blond was the color to be. Makeup featured a lot of bold colors. Light pink lips, blue eyeshadow, and a touch of glitter was a fashionable look. Outfits featured off shoulder shirts, side tie tops, mini skirts, acid wash jeans, and lots and lots of neon. Colors were painfully bright and neons could be mixed and matched to the heart’s delight. You could dress up your feet with high top shoes, jellies, or Keds and scrunch socks. Popular accessories featured slap bracelets and colorful, plastic Swatch watches.

Fashion has a tendency to repeat itself, and though the blinding neon of the 1980’s has yet to return, some trends already seem to be back. 80’s legging came back into style recently and don’t seem to be on their way out any time soon. With the leggings are some of the signature over sized sweaters from the 80’s, though the color palette seems to be a bit more muted today. Prom dresses can even be spotted in bright pink, ultra shiny materials reminiscent of past styles. There’s no telling what could be next.

Fashion and Clothes of the decade of the 1980s was a great time for fashion. Bold colors, large shoulder pads, ripped jeans, over the top styling and big.

1980s Teen Clothing Styles

The People History: 1980s Fashion 1980 Fashions Including Prices; Resources. Read this Article in UK English; . Breakdancing 80 Theme Parties. How to Pick Pain Free Shoes. 1970s.

What Were Youth Fads Trends of the 80 1980 was a decade when fashion fads and trends revolved around fun, funky and individualistic styles especially among teenagers and young.

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