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80s Fashions Popular Trends of the 80s

80s Fashions Popular Trends of the 80s

The iconic 80s transformed fashion from the hippie styles of the 70s and long hair, to bold neon colors and big hair with hair gel and Aqua Net hair spray. As is true of other fashion trends, some of the trademark styles of the 80s deserve to be recycled and brought back to life. Women and men all embraced style in the 80s and there no reason why some of our favorites shouldn make their way back into our wardrobes.

One such example of a style that deserves another go around for women are the big, over sized sweaters with the wide stretch belt. First, this is a style that most women feel comfortable wearing. Most women have some part of their body they want to These sweaters certainly accomplish that. Also, they are great for elongating a petite sized woman, yet also flattering on a thin, taller frame. The belts accentuate the waistline and tend to give many women the look of an hourglass figure. What great about this fashion trend is the versatility of the belts which can be accessorized not only with sweaters, but with dresses and with open style cardigans.

For men, the preppy look was a good look then and is definitely worth resurrecting now. A simple polo shirt with a sweater cardigan and khaki pants is easy to put together and works for most situations. They transition easily from work to dinner and tend to be a comfortable and fashionable alternative to a business suit look.

Most women remember the off the shoulder style that coincided with the aerobics craze that occurred in most fitness clubs across the nation. What great about the off the shoulder look is that it sexy without actually exposing too much skin. What you have to remember when choosing to wear an off the shoulder top is that it important to have nice shoulders. Women with thin, bony shoulders, don look flattering in this style, but women with a strong, nicely rounded shoulder look fantastic.

A tapered waist is a look that should be revisited. Most women feel self conscious about their midriff, and a tapered waist blazer or top makes just about every women look like she has a tiny little waist. What important in choosing this style is not to buy too big. Many women buy their clothes too big, and with a tapered waist, purchasing clothes that are too big defeats the purpose.

Detective shows in the 80s made patterned button down shirts popular for men. What was great about this was men could finally wear less drab colors and look more stylish than ever. Although the colors tended to be a bit bold, an updated version of this would be nice, in more subdued tones.

Pattern is a fashion trend that comes and goes in new variations, and the 80s were the forefront of bold patterns and colors. Although it would be fun to see some of the geometric patterns and neon come back, the combination isn flattering on most women. It important to remember that although pattern may be a fun way to punch up your wardrobe, it important not to overdo it. Maintaining a balance of solids and patterns in your wardrobe makes for more versatility especially when transitioning your day from work to an evening out.

Another fun 80s trend that worth seeing again are the skinny colored jeans. First, they were just a fun alternative to your basic blue jean, and coordinating them with your over sized sweaters made for a fun, colorful wardrobe. When choosing colored jeans, it important to first consider the fit. Anything too tight or too baggy is never a good look. Also, it important to consider whether these are colors that are complimentary for your wardrobe. It great to go outside of your comfort zone, but it also important to pick colored jeans that still reflect your personal style. For instance, I wouldn recommend that a financial adviser wear shocking pink jeans to the office, but a nice pair of burgundy jeans with a sharp dark grey or camel colored blazer would suit just fine.

Whatever your opinion about the 80s, good or bad, the fact is the 1980s was a prominent decade in terms of fashion. Yes, they can be tweaked to a more updated style, but those of us who grew up in the 80s will all know where the original style came from.

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