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Gen FIFA15 and WE2015

FIFA15 become more real, details can be said that the current football game is the most abundant and intuitive. The FIFA15 let me most satisfaction is the sense of weight and down to earth kind of feeling, motion capture is quite rich, each foot ball, stop the ball, shooting, fighting both the siege and the […]

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Country for fifa coins discount code delay

Country for Xbox One temporary delay, so many think that one or two days will be able to experience the game player greatly disappoint one’s hopes,fifa coins discount code but there are still some people through the so-called “special channel” to get a new host Microsoft, and share screenshots for everyone desires. In the country […]

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Dopo la Coppa del Mondo L’ancora migliore FIFA 15

Ultimo trailer di FIFA 15 ha certamente stuzzicato il pallet di molti un fan in attesa. L’ultima fifa 15 coins puntata di FIFA dovrebbe essere ancora migliore e per questo qui. Esso si svolge dopo la Coppa del Mondo La Coppa del Mondo aumenta naturalmente l’esposizione un giocatore riceve e dopo il prestigioso torneo parere […]

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